Transfer Completion

Confirm that your patients have successfully transitioned to adult rheumatology to help prevent dangerous gaps in care. Until the young adult has made and kept an appointment establishing care with an adult rheumatologist, the pediatric provider should maintain responsibility for care whenever possible. Offer to assist the adult rheumatology practice with issues or questions that may arise following transfer. To evaluate the success of the transition process, create a mechanism to obtain and incorporate feedback from youth and families three to six months after transfer.

Help ensure that your patients complete the transfer to adult rheumatology care

  • Contact young adult and parent/caregiver 3 to 6 months after the last pediatric visit to confirm successful transfer to an adult rheumatologist and elicit feedback on the transition process.
  • Communicate with the adult practice to confirm completion of transfer and offer consultation assistance, as needed.
  • Build ongoing and collaborative partnerships with adult rheumatologists in your community.