Transfer of Care

There are several steps your practice can take to help assure a smooth transfer to adult rheumatology for your patients. First, create a transfer package for each patient and send to their adult provider prior to the first visit. This may include 1) a transfer letter 2) a medical summary, 3) a final transition readiness assessment, and 4) transition goals and actions accomplished or yet to be achieved, and 5) a condition fact sheet (especially for pediatric- specific conditions that may less familiar to adult rheumatologists). A telephone conversation with the adult rheumatologist may be warranted for transitioning youth with very complex or active disease, or with complex social situations. Transfer to an adult provider is recommended before the age of 22. Whenever possible, patients should be transferred when their condition is stable.

Help ensure a smooth transfer to adult rheumatology care for your patients

  • Confirm date of first adult provider appointment.
  • Transfer young adult when his/her condition is stable.
  • Create a transfer package which includes a transfer letter, medical summary, final transition readiness assessment, plan of care with transition goals and pending actions, and, if needed, a condition fact sheet.
  • Confirm adult practice’s receipt of transfer package.