This is what your patient sees as they answer the assessment.
  • The following questions will assess whether you are learning important skills needed to manage your own health care.
    Start the Assessment
  • Do you take medications correctly and on your own?
  • Do you know the names of all your medications?
  • Do you know what each of your medications is for?
  • Do you reorder medications before they run out?
  • Do you arrange for your ride to medical appointments?
  • Do you call the doctor about unusual changes in your health or new symptoms?
  • Do you fill out your own medical history form, including a list of your allergies?
  • Do you keep a calendar or list of medical and other appointments?
  • Do you tell the doctor or nurse what you are feeling?
  • Do you answer questions that are asked by the doctor, nurse or clinic staff?
  • Do you make a list of questions to ask before the doctor’s visit?
  • Do you pick up a new medication from the pharmacy when you need to?
  • Do you get lab tests done on our own when your doctor asks you to?
  • Can you explain your health condition to family or friends?
  • During appointments, do you speak to your health care providers without your parents in the room?
  • Do you know what your health insurance covers, or how to find this information?
  • Do you call your doctor’s office to make your own appointments?
  • Do you apply for health insurance if you lose your current coverage?

Build Your Toolkit

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